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Our business is about cleanliness and quality service. We will supply your pet with some of the top of the line products and shampoos, not only will your pet be happy to come back, so will you! We take the time with your pet so they enjoy the grooming process. Friendly and professional grooming for your pet, every-time.

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Mesa Paws-N-Claws                     Hours of Operation

801 South Power Road                   Tue-Sat 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Suite #106                                            Sun – Closed
Mesa, Arizona 85206                   Monday by appointment only

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The first thing I did after buying my cute terrier puppy was to call a professional pet grooming salon and ask for their recommendations. They advised me to sign my dog up for a regular grooming schedule, which I gladly did!


Before my good friend and a fellow dog owner Janice referred me to this pet grooming salon, I didn’t have the slightest idea of how many niche grooming services, such as the dog massage there are. Now my Daisy is their happy pet client too!


When I took my corgi Albert to this place for the first time, he was not too happy about taking a bath. But each time as he got used to the staff member who groomed him (Janine), Albert became more and more fond of the process, getting excited even prior to a visit!



#1 Pet Grooming Service in the city


#2 Pet Grooming Service in the city


#1 Pet Grooming Service in the city


Top Rated Pet Grooming Service in the city